Intelligent socket solution

Remote control | Cyclic timing | Random timing | Child lock

Intelligent solution for measuring sockets

Remote Control | Electricity Statistics | Advanced Timing | Electricity Protection

Intelligent insertion scheme

Remote control | Shunt control | Cyclic timing | Random timing | Child lock

Switch compatible wireless switch intelligent solution

Control Mode Switching | Intelligent Dimming | Button Customization

Intelligent scheme for induction switches

Remote control | Motion sensing | Brightness detection | Sensing parameter settings

Intelligent Scheme for Dimming Switch

Multi protocol module | Remote control | Brightness adjustment | Voice control

Curtain Switch

Tuya scheme comes with built-in curtain calibration, just switch on the intelligent switch to quickly experience the fun of intelligent curtains

Fan switch

Wind speed adjustment | Brightness adjustment | Timing | Countdown

Intelligent solution for fan on-off device

Fan control | Gear control | Light control | Timing | Remote control
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