Integrated IoT Solutions

Private cloud deployment service is based on the public cloud IoT PaaS platform to build a private cloud platform for enterprises. This solution can reduce the threshold for devices and enterprises to go to the cloud, improve the reliability of device networking, and accelerate the pace of IoT.

Create a brand image that keeps pace with the times

Create a brand image that keeps pace with the times

Create competitive and differentiated products

Create competitive and differentiated products

Targeted product optimization based on data

Targeted product optimization based on data

Improve Service Efficiency and Optimize Service Quality

Improve Service Efficiency and Optimize Service Quality

Obtain user insights and grasp market trends

Obtain user insights and grasp market trends

IoT Complete Solution Overview

The IoT suite of solutions

IoT module

Standardized module+customized module parallel mode, standardized module screen printing can also be customized according to customer needs

Embedded development

Open SDK, customers can develop firmware themselves or commission customized firmware development

Connection of public cloud

Can be connected to the public cloud according to customer needs

Complete machine certification support

Provide technical support services for complete machine certification for customers

Development of APP

Can provide customized APP services for customers

Private cloud docking

Can connect to private clouds according to customer requirements

Service advantages

Service advantages

Public cloud, private cloud flexible docking

Service advantages

Support mainstream intelligent audio control

Service advantages

Comes with Matter function

Service advantages

Safety protection certified by international standards

One-stop solution

01. Product fast intelligent

Development and testing platform

Standard development-free custom development

Product Basic Function Definition


Equipment panel


Hardware debugging


Cloud configuration


Testing Services



02. Put the product into use

Cloud App

Standard APP User Center Device Control Page

APP User Center (Universal+Customizable)


APP device control page (universal+customizable)

WeChat applet

Cross-Platform Development Solutions

One set of codes

Android+iOS dual running

03. Operations Management

Cloud Management Console

Analysis of Basic Information Maintenance and Operation

Device License Authorization


Log monitoring


statistical analysis


Service monitoring


Message push

Customized service capability

Firmware Customization Service

Firmware Customization Service

Standard good business firmware business: mainstream electrical category, such as: lights, sockets, switches, etc., quickly generated, 1-7 days to submit online. Non-standard business firmware business: customized according to customer needs.


Module customization service

Module customization service

Hardware customization, including packaging, etc.

Develop custom services

Develop custom services

Provide panel function customization and interface interaction design services to enhance product strength and meet the diverse needs of product intelligence.


Testing Custom Services

Testing Custom Services

Fast, efficient, low-cost testing services to meet the software, cloud control, performance, stability and other testing needs.


Cooperation process

Cooperation process

01 Submit cooperation requirements

Submit cooperation intention, describe the project background, product requirements and other information

● Pre-demand communication

● Customer site research

Cooperation process

02 Assess Needs

Generate Scenario Project Manager-Right-Assess requirements, provide consulting advice, and provide scenarios for selection

● One-to-one assessment of needs

Cooperation process

03 Cooperation project

Enter the development of customers to choose feasible solutions, both hardware and software technical personnel docking, and on the progress of the project research and development.

● Transparent and visible development progress

Cooperation process

04 Complete Development and Delivery

The samples are tested and adjusted, and after the completion of the production test, they are put into mass production and put on the market.

● Standardized delivery of results

Cooperation process

05 After-sales service

-Annual warranty, work order system docking


● After-sales worry-free


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